Top 5 Things To Do in Philly Before Summer Ends

Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean the fun has to! There are plenty of events, festivals, and parks to visit within these last few weeks that summer is in session. Here I’ll give you the top 5 places to be throughout the end of July and into the Fall.

First, Spruce Street Harbor Park. This is no surprise to anyone who is from the Philadelphia area, but if you’re visiting for a short time or local looking for something to do with friends, Spruce Street Harbor Park is the perfect place to be. While they opened the park in early May, you can experience the magic through October 12. They offer great food and drinks, relaxing hammocks, beautiful scenery, and fun times for your friends and family. If you haven’t stopped by already, we recommend you add it to the calendar before the summer is over!

The 2nd Street Festival is a one day event (on August 6) where thousands of people gather to celebrate the neighborhood of Northern Liberties, eat good food, listen to live music, and have themselves a great day. There are 3 stages located along the 6 blocks of this festival with live music to be played throughout the day and night. There will be plenty of food vendors for people to enjoy some delicious food with other craft vendors selling clothes and other goodies. Space will also be set aside these 6 blocks for street performers to keep the crowd excited and moving. This is an all day through the night festival and is becoming one of the most popular festivals in Philadelphia. If this is your first year hearing of this festival, definitely check it out!

Thanks to everyone who made this festival such a great success!!

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Next on the list is The Oval + pop-up park, located outside of the Philadelphia Art Museum right off the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This pop-up park is only available for a limited time only – starting July 20 through August 20. This park offers an array of games and activities throughout the month including: fitness classes, movie nights, and live performances. The park also has a shaded beer garden offering beer, cocktails, and food for a chill night out. A new immersive art exhibit will also be available at the park this year. This park is only available for one month towards the end of summer, stop by while you can!

Beer Gardens! Beer gardens are a huge hit throughout the summer and leading into the fall. There are many pop-up beer gardens throughout the city, some previously mentioned. Beer gardens are a great way to spend your day, happy hour, or hang out for the night in the city. They offer a great selection of brews with great scenery no matter where you go. These beer gardens start popping up in the spring and last you all the way through the fall, giving you plenty of time to visit them all. No two gardens are the same, although each garden is just as fun as the other. They’re the perfect way to end the summer if you haven’t been already.

falling even more in love with Philly one beer garden at a time

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Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the Budweiser Made in America Music Festival! This outdoor festival runs over Labor Day weekend (September 2-3) to celebrate Labor Day with these American music performances. Created by Jay-Z, this festival is one of the largest in Philadelphia and is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Performers are the top in the country and there will be a wide selection and food and drink to purchase at the festival as well. While the other events mentioned are free to entry, this festival requires a ticket in which you can purchase here ( ). There’s still time to buy, get your tickets before they sell out!

Witness your favorite artist live @Budweiser #MadeInAmerica. Tix are available at the link in bio 👆

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