How to Tailgate a Philly Sporting Event

Nothing says summer like a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park. Before you even get to the real game though, there’s the pregame. Tailgating and Philly sports basically go hand and hand. From firing up the grill, downing some brews, and playing games with your friends, tailgating a Philly sports game might be better than winning the actual game. It’s basically a rule that for all Philly sports events, there’s a tailgate. It’s what Philly sports fans do best.

Before you even show up to the tailgate, you gotta make sure to represent the city with Philly sports gear. Whether it’s a hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt or accessory, dressing for the event is one of the best parts. You can find Philly sports apparel all across the city so there’s no excuse not to be decked out. If you want the best vintage-style shirts and hats in the city, make sure to hit up Shibe sports. They have a huge and unique selection for every sport that will definitely express your Philly swag.

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People typically think of tailgating as an outdoor, parking-lot type of event. But Philly is unique because a lot of the best tailgates happen at bars. The opening of Xfinity Live has turned tailgating into a huge party, and it’s right next to the stadiums so there’s no reason not to go. Xfinity Live features over a dozen restaurants and entertainment venues so you can bar hop for hours. Make sure to stop at PBR Bar & Grill if you’re down to ride a mechanical bull, and let’s be honest…who’s not down to ride a mechanical bull when they have a few drinks in them.

On the other hand, the classic parking-lot tailgate will never disappoint. There’s countless parking lots to go to, but the ones closest to the stadiums are always the most fun. Make sure to get there early enough to get a parking spot, which also sadly means someone needs to stay sober to drive. The best tailgates have lots of food, lots of alcohol, a beer pong table, and cornhole set up. Some of the tailgates have big tents set up, huge trailers, and a full on living room with furniture. You might even find yourself in a hot tub. The parking-lot tailgate is an integral part of the whole sporting experience, so definitely try this out if you’re ready to party.

Philly knows how to tailgate, but you have to go check it out for yourself. At least half of the enjoyment of going to a Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, or Flyers game is the tailgate, so make sure to to wear your swag, hit up the bars, or throw a hot tub party in the parking lot.


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