Made in America: The Do’s and Don’ts

It’s already half way through the summer, which means that Made in America is right around the corner. It’s about that time when you’re starting to worry about what to wear, who to go with, where to pregame, and whether or not to buy a one day or two day pass. You’re supposed to enjoy yourself… but before you can see all your favorite artists including the Chainsmokers, J. Cole, Jay Z, and Kaskade, make sure you know the Do’s and Don’ts of this festival. 

Do: Pack wisely

Don’t: Pack a lot of vodka

Definitely make sure to pack the essentials for a hot, long day. You’ll want to have sunscreen, sunglasses, hand sanitizer. But definitely do not pack alcohol. For starters, going easy on drinking is a good idea because you don’t want to ruin your festival by being too drunk or end up being the drunk friend who passes out. Also you’ll probably get kicked out by security if they find you sneaking in alcohol.

Do: Leave your valuables at home

Don’t: Leave your tickets at home

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You’re probably going to be pretty lit, so there’s a high chance you might lose something or get something stolen. Leave the ray-bans at home and stick with a $10 pair of sunglasses. I swear you’ll still look good. On the other hand, do NOT leave your tickets at home. The worst thing would be showing up empty-handed and watching your friends go in to have the time of their lives while you train home. That would be a sob story.

Do: Charge your phone

Don’t: Get charged

If your phone’s not charged, how are you gonna take the best Instagram? Plus there’s going to be thousands of people at Made and America. That tends to make cell reception pretty shitty and will eat up your battery. Make sure to have a fully-charged phone before you leave your house, or except to never find your friends again if you go off to the bathroom. On that note, even if the bathroom line is long don’t resort to public urination. There’s police everywhere and they are looking for kids doing dumb shit so don’t do anything you’ll regret.

Do: Be adventurous

Don’t: Go anywhere alone

Made in America is a great place to go crazy. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, explore new artists, go on the rides, and try different food. But make sure you always have a friend with you. You don’t want to end up alone with a complete stranger who has bad intentions.

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Do: Wear red, white, and/or blue

Don’t: Wear flower crowns

Made in America is not Coachella. It’s also not fashion week, it’s a festival. You might think flower crowns are the epitome of music festival fashion, but it’s time to get rid of that and dress in theme. Made in America is fun because it’s labor day weekend and everyone dresses to celebrate America! So wear red, white, or blue and you’ll look great.

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Made in America is going to be the time of your life if you do it the right way. Most importantly though, be smart…there’s nothing fun about waking up in the intoxication tent and realizing you missed the entire festival because you drank too much.

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