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First, let’s talk a little bit of what Sips is about. Center City District Sips is a limited time only happy hour special that is offered throughout the city at different bars and restaurants. It has become extremely popular over the past 2 years, bringing in people from all over and of all ages. On Wednesdays from 5-7pm, you can enjoy beer, wine, and cocktails at a special price at these limited locations. Sips begins June 7 and runs through August 30. If you can’t make it one week, don’t worry, you have every Wednesday to make up for it.

Getting There: When going to Sips, whether you plan on drinking or not, use public transportation. Using public transportation makes life so much easier when it comes to hanging out in Center City. Whether it’s the parking fees or just trying to find somewhere to park, SEPTA is there for you to make life easier and will make your Sips experience that much better.

What to Expect: Sips this summer has become the hottest thing to do on a Wednesday. Because of this, expect lots crowds and long lines. People are coming from all over to attend Sips; whether it’s straight from work or you’re coming from home to meet friends, everyone will be there. This means young business professionals finishing up their workday at Comcast, and all of those who just turned 21, you’ll see people of all ages at the various Sips spots.


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What to Wear: While there’s no official “way to dress” while attending Sips, you can definitely spot out a few trends. Like mentioned earlier, there are people coming straight from work, so business attire is perfectly acceptable. As for the others, anything that screams summer is the way to go. Whether that be your favorite romper/dress with sandals or favorite denim shorts, you probably know the trends – that’s what you should expect to see. Here is the official Sips Style Guide to help you just a little bit more when picking out an outfit. 

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Where to Go: There are multiple places that offer the specials sponsored by Sips. Here is a link for you to check out the bars and restaurants that offer the Sips specials. My recommendation when going to Sips is going to one place and sticking with it. The most popular places are: The Comcast Center, Uptown Beer Garden, Pagano’s, Marathon, and Dilworth Park. There are people all over, and there’s never a place that isn’t packed. Getting from place to place may become difficult and you may end up waiting in line for longer than you’re actually inside! Sticking to one, maybe two if they’re within a close vicinity, is probably the most practical. Sips specials only lasts 2 hours, you’re better off enjoying them where you are while you can.

What to Buy: Speaking of Sips specials, let’s talk about what they actually are. I know when I went to Sips, I had no idea what the specials were and ended up paying full price. Looking them up ahead of time is the smart thing to do. “All summer long. Wednesdays from 5-7 pm. Participating bars and restaurants are offering $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer and half-priced appetizers.” Be careful though, some of the beer and cocktails are limited to what is actually discounted. Just make sure you know what you should order if you really want to get the happy hour special.

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Where To Go After: Alright, it’s about 7pm and the Sips specials are over, but you’re already pretty drunk and don’t want the night to end. There are some places in Philly that offer “after parties” for Sips in particular. One of these places is Rumor Philly. Rumor is a nightclub that has “Sips After Dark” for all you people that want to keep the party going. This is free entry and also offers some late-night happy hour specials. Here’s a description from the Rumor Facebook page “..feat. $5 EFFEN Vodka cocktails, $4 wine by the glass, $3 beer selection, 2 DJs, dancing in the lev room, lounging in the vault and AC on full-blast” Sips ending at 7pm doesn’t mean your night has to too, maybe it’s just the beginning.

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