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Nothing’s better than a nice juice burger with cheddar, bacon and all your favorite toppings. Here I’ve gathered a few of the best burger joints throughout the city and, after trying every burger on this list, you’ll definitely be needing a personal trainer. So, first, I’ll talk about the burger brawl winners. The Burger Brawl, hosted by Xfinity Live in May, was a competition amongst the best burger-makers in the area. With 44 contestants, this Burger Brawl really shows who’s the boss of burgers in Philadelphia. A panel of 30 judges took a taste of the various burgers being served that day and decided Village Whiskey as the best. Here’s a little more about Village Whiskey:

Village Whiskey

Village Whiskey is located in Rittenhouse Square with a wide array of whiskey and of course, delicious burgers. The burger they served at the Burger Brawl, named the Frenchy Burger, was a slider with gruyere and black truffle aioli. Although this winning burger is not on the menu, you have a selection of 4 other gourmet burgers available on their full menu.

These 4 burgers are:
Whiskey King- Maple Bourbon Glazed Cipollini, Rogue Bleu Cheese, Applewood Bacon, Foie Gras ($26)

Village Burger- Sesame Roll, Tomato, Boston Bibb, House Made Thousand Island ($13)

Veggie Burger- Black Bean & Lentil, Guacamole, Pickled Red Cabbage ($12)

Burger of the Month- July The Filipino Breakfast Burger: Longanisa Sausage, Fried Egg, Banana Ketchup, and Pickled Green Papaya

Burgers are available All Day throughout Late Night

The voting didn’t stop at the judges, though. The people took a vote on which they thought was the best burger in town and came to the conclusion of The Union Tap. Here’s a little more about what The Union Tap has to offer:

The Union Tap

Burgers are listed under the Union Specialties section of the menu. Each combination can be served with your choice of burger, grilled chicken, or turkey burger.

The Union ($11)
Fire roasted peppers, Portabella mushrooms & melted mozzarella cheese on a garlic toasted ciabatta roll

Hell Fire ($11)
Melted pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, fried cherry peppers, habenero aioli & topped with a fried egg on brioche bun

Smoked Chili Rubbed ($11)
Smoked Gouda Cheese, caramelized onion, seasoned bacon, roasted garlic aioli & homemade chili rub on a ciabatta roll

Pig Mac ($12)
Fried pulled prok mac & cheese, melted pepper jack cheese, seasoned bacon & jameson infused BBQ sauce on a toasted brioche bun

Avocado BLT ($11)
Slices avocado, crispy bacon, fresh slices tomatoes, shredded lettuce, melted swiss cheese & roasted garlic aioli on a toasted brioche bun

Mozzy Melt ($12)
Toasted bread, melted mozzarella cheese, crispy fried mozzarella, pepperoni & side of homemade marinara

Pesto and Sun Dried Tomatoes ($11)
Melted mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto & fresh basil pesto on garlic toasted ciabatta roll

Customer review:

“Food was awesome. Loved the hellfire burger and the buffalo shrimp are better than what grants used to have. Great selection of draft beer & bottle beer.”

-Kevin Enz

Now that we’ve looked at the best burgers according to the Burger Brawl, I did a little research to find the next best burgers in Philadelphia. First are the best specialty/gourmet burgers and my research brought me to SpOt Burger. Located near Drexel University, SpOt Burger is a small brick-and-mortar style restaurant with a face paced environment for quick and delicious burgers. They have a selection of 10 burgers with the option to build your own. Ranging from their classic SpOt burger (Hickory smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, pickles, coleslaw, SpOt sauce) to their Unami Burger (grilled onion, mushrooms, samjang, pickled diakon, lettuce, julienne cucumbers, teriyaki), SpOt Burger has it all.

SpOt Burger

They also have menu full of chicken burgers, veggie burgers, steak, pork and more.

              (SpOt Burger)

Customer Reviews:

“The best burger joint in the region, no contest. Fresh ingredients make for delicious, juicy burgers that are so much more than just an average burger. The Spot Burger itself…that first bite—oh, what heaven that first bite is. The bun, like a golden brown breast of an angel, resting gently on the delightful sauce below, flavors mingling in a seductive pas de deux. And then…pickles! The most playful little pickles! Then a mouthwatering heap of coleslaw so inspiring it should be called slaw of wonder and a…a patty of house ground sirloin so exquisite, swirling in your mouth, breaking apart, and combining again in a fugue of sweets and savor so delightful. This is no mere sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread. This is pure ecstasy physically manifested as food.”

-Patrick Witter

Great place for great burgers, etc. Not a huge menu but what they have is outstanding – burgers of any type, including ones you’ve never thought of. Also roast pork – the Manyunk is to die for!”

-Karen Ott

Next up is who I found to serve the best organic burgers in Philly. This neighborhood restaurant is called P’UNK and is known for burgers made from locally raised beef and other meats. A quote from their website reads “Our burgers are made from humanely-raised, grass-fed cows that are antibiotic, pesticide, and hormone-free.” This is perfect for anyone who wants to eat locally and help out their community. “It may not be fast, but it is food.” Their menu has a selection of beef, turkey, chicken breast, ahi tuna, lamb, veggie and portobello with the option to build your own or choose from their selection of specialty burgers.



Customer Reviews:

Literally the best burger I’ve eaten–ever.
And the truffle oil fries? OMG.
And the Nutella milkshake?
All I can say is that, when I die, I hope that Heaven serves P’unk Burger.”

-Keara Palmay

“We went here not even realizing it was going to be organic and extremely health friendly. I’m IN LOVE. So happy that I now have a guilt free burger option! Even the sodas are unique, health friendly and DELICIOUS!!! Not to mention the owner and employees are so cool and go above and beyond. Best customer service I’ve ever received. You can’t beat the lunch special and it’s BYOB. I have a feeling we will be visiting regularly!”

-Ashley Ann

Finally, a fully vegetarian/vegan restaurant menu. While the other restaurants have veggie burgers available, I wanted to give people of all diet styles a recommendation. HipCityVeg has two locations across Philadelphia and locations in Washington, D.C. as well. Their menu is completely vegetarian with vegan options as well. They wanted to prove that you don’t have to give up burgers and fries just because you made the decision to not eat meat. “Embracing healthy bodies, a healthy planet, and compassion for all living things, we bring delicious vegan food to people everywhere.”

Hip City Veg

Ziggy Burger- classic with organic smoked tempeh and special sauce

Buffalo Bella- crispy portabella, celery slaw, tomato, and buffalo sauce

Customer Reviews:

Ziggy Burger with avacado.  Holy crap that was great.  Better then a Tony Luc pulled pork broccoli rabe or Gino cheesteak.    Awesome. …”

-Thomas L

“…The Ziggy Burger is great as well, and probably as close in taste to a beefy burger as it gets. The patty is moist and soft, which isn’t always the case with veggie burgers…”

-Julie W

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